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About Me

​I'm an entrepreneur and author; my first suspense novel is forthcoming in 2021.

​​​​​​I studied journalism in college and worked as ​for a news startup in ​my hometown of Chicago covering crime and then human interest stories . 

After a few years in news, I knew I wanted to see more of the world than I could with 10 days of vacation per year.

And so I moved to Vietnam in 2016 because of a Reddit post. ​It was a job ad for a software startup that ​helped people sell physical products on Amazon. When the company was sold and​ ​I was let go in 2017, ​I combined ​my writing skills and knowledge of Amazon to start a Kindle business. 

​I've published a few dozen non-fiction books on Amazon, all under pseudonyms. These book royalties provided a full-time income that allowed me to spend a few years traveling the world, living in Thailand, Italy, Mexico and visiting ​a dozen more countries.

​I'm now settled in Melbourne, Australia and working on writing my first novel under my own name.

​If you want to know more, I ​hope you check out ​my blog, or sign up for my occasional author newsletter below.

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