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About Me: A digital nomad fighting digital addiction

1. I wanted more freedom in my life.

I wanted to travel.

I wanted to work for myself.

I wanted to finally write a novel.

When I was let go from my last job in early 2017, I set out to become an entrepreneur and self-publisher.

2. But I couldn't focus.

I was restless, scatterbrained, and addicted to social media and reading news. 

I was a “writer” and former journalist who read less than a handful of books a year — and who didn’t write all that much.

3. I knew I needed to change my relationship to the online world.

I took a chisel to my digital life, using trial and error to chip away at my digital addictions. Everything was at stake: 

My income, my freedom to travel, and my dream to be an author.

4. I built an online business by cutting out the noise online.

I have written and published more than 50+ non-fiction books under pseudonyms, and those book have been in a Netflix show, featured on BuzzFeed and translated into foreign languages by publishers around the world. But ...

5. Though the internet allows me great freedom, it's still my greatest enemy.

I haven't yet achieved my dream of being an author who shares her work publicly. I still struggle to make the creative work that is deeply meaningful to me my highest priority amid distraction.

6. I've learned that battling digital distraction is an ongoing process.

So much of my life is online: It's how I make money and how I stay in touch with family and friends. And as technology keeps improving, I wonder: How can I thrive online while also protecting myself from its attention-stealing elements?

I send out twice-monthly emails about my newest strategies, struggles and successes for achieving more freedom online.

Let's go on the journey together.

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Email me at: hello [at] kylagardner [dot] com

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