I'm Kyla, a writer traveling the world.

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I’m an author, publisher, former journalist, Chicago native, remote business owner, dessert-enthusiast and animal-lover.

In 2015, my 9-to-5 life left me unsatisfied. A question in the back of my mind kept growing stronger: Wasn't there something else out there? I applied on a whim for a job with a software startup, and 10 days later, I was flying to Saigon, Vietnam on a one-way ticket. I learned about "digital nomads" and that it was possible to create a business entirely from your laptop, so in 2017 I set out to start my own. Now I work from my laptop while exploring the world and what makes a good, productive, meaningful life. On my journey so far, I've gone from a partier to a gym rat, from an aspiring novelist to completing my first book, and from an employee to a business owner. I've become passionate about designing my life around focused work and protecting my time from distraction and devices. After all, it's the only way to get any writing done.

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"Otter Cries While Eating Watermelon" is a collection of absurd-but-true animal stories.

These tales are the 20 best from my weekly newsletter Animailya, which ran for two years.

Praise for the book


I love your Animailya newsletter infinitely… It's always a delight in my inbox.

Kira H. 


This was beautiful! A perfect blend of serious life-reflection and happy, animal stories and pics. Love it!!

Casey N.


Hysterical !!!

Thanks for making me LOL!

Karen P.

On the

I made cute videos, reported on urban animals, and chased down the strange and quirky.


I’m this week’s guest on Tropical MBA, a podcast about building a business to achieve personal and financial freedom..


Here are my five favorite rabbit hole covers — apps that remove the most addicting features of social media sites while keeping them usable.


I recorded one second of video every day in 2016, and this is the resulting six-minute movie. I wrote a bit about what the project was like and what I learned here.

I put my iPhone in a plastic bag to film underwater while snorkeling in the Thai islands. But it didn't go as planned. Here's my tongue-in-cheek GoPro commercial:

What's all the way down here?

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